Problems of Principles

My concerns are more on the principals of the proposed changes, rather than the details.

1. The Board will put forward the list of new proposed Directors. This sounds like a conflict.

2.  400k + members will vote for every (maybe more if competition is allowed) individual Director.  It is unrealistic to expect all members to spend time educating themselves on the merits of so many candidates.  In the US people from Texas don’t elect Senators from Florida.

3. Regions, Divisions and the Assembly have no control of the Board. Kind of dictatorship.

4.  All important changes are pushed in the ByLaws and the Board has the final decision what those are.

In other words, the Board will control who gets on the list of the new Board, and what would be the process, without any oversight.  Even if this Board is well intentioned, there is no guarantee that a future Board will not be self serving.

Tony Ivanov
2016 Washington DC Section Chair



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