Computer Society (CS)

In response to the TAB request to provide comments on the IEEE proposed Constitutional Amendment, the Computer Society Board of Governors (BOG) passed the following motion:

“MOVED, that the Board of Governors of the Computer Society votes against the proposed constitutional amendment.

Our comments are as follows:

The proposed constitution changes remove membership control of the IEEE structure;

The still-to-be-written bylaws under the proposed constitution have considerable unknowns but more importantly the bylaws will document the Board structure which the Board solely can approve without membership approval;

The structure of IEEE, which the TAB assembly strongly disagreed with in the February 2016 meeting, is still being developed and the benefits of that structure are not well-defined;

The significant risks associated with a major constitutional change without knowledge of the associated bylaw changes do not justify approving the proposed constitutional change.

There is no succinct rationale for the proposed constitutional change.”

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