Past IEEE Director, CS President emeritus: Jim Isaak

Statement in opposition to the Constitutional Amendment  –Article II, Section 2

Currently the IEEE Board can change the number of Directors anywhere from nine to fifty, the Regional diversity of the Board, technical diversity of the Board and the make up of the Board with no notification to members and only twenty days notice to the Board itself. This amendment (Art. II Sec. 2) reinforces this minimal disclosure by only assuring visibility to the Assembly (all of whom are currently members of the Board.)  The Board can literally change IEEE Governance structure every month, with no information distributed about changes to anyone prior to that month.

A transparent Board would have at least a ninety day notice to all members (online at no cost.)

Do not approve this extended authorization of secret governance. IEEE Members have a right to see any and all changes being proposed to the By-laws and have an opportunity to engage Directors on any changes at this level.. 21st century agility is not accomplished by increased concentration of power behind closed doors; rather it is enabled by transparent engagement of the best problem-solvers in the world: IEEE’s engineering membership.

Submitted by James Isaak, Life Senior Member, 2003/2004 Division Director, Computer Society President Emeritus


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