Tony Ivanov, PhD; 2016 Washington DC Section Chair

IEEE members, please vote NO on the proposed IEEE Constitutional Amendment.
My concerns are more on the principles of the proposed changes, rather than the details.
The Board will put forward the list of new proposed Directors. This sounds like a conflict of interest.
Almost 300k members would be voting for each individual Director vacancy candidates. It is unrealistic to expect all members to spend time educating themselves on the merits of all candidates for each vacancy. Rubber stamping, rather than election.
Regions, Divisions and the Assembly will have no control of the Board. Kind of a dictatorship.
All important changes are pushed into the Bylaws, and the Board has the final decision what those will be.
In summary, the Board controls the Bylaws and the Budget, and could decide who gets on the list of candidates for the new Board.
Any democratic organization relies on a system of checks and balances to prevent abuse of power by its governing bodies. Some of the major IEEE checks and balances are being eliminated.
To keep our organization member-driven, and not Board of Directors centric, please vote NO on the proposed Constitutional Amendment.


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