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Updated Society Position Matrix

As of Aug. 1st 25 Societies have opposed the amendment, one supports it and  a few have taken positions to remain neutral (but inform members of the controversy)

The updated matrix is here: updated SC votes


TAB Amendment Presentation

Apparently, the IEEE (major) Technical Activities Board (TAB) is not being given the right to post the presentation from their 2030 Ad Hoc committee that resulted in a vote by TAB to ask the Board of Directors to withdraw the 2016 Constitutional Amendment.  This is directly contrary to the policy being used to protect advocacy statements from being placed on the IEEE web sites and in the Institute “the Board has an obligation to share it’s decision with the membership”… apparently the TAB board is being blocked from meeting that obligation by the IEEE Board or Staff (observations of status by Jim Isaak)   Here’s the emails that support this conclusion, and a pointer to the “Secret” TAB Presentation (secret only because IEEE refuses to share it with the members.)

From: Emily Sopensky []
Sent: Sunday, July 31, 2016 12:34 PM
To: Marc Apter; Martin Schulman
Subject: FW: TAB report

Marc and Marty

The VP TAB is being blocked from putting up these slides on an ieee website.


From: [] On Behalf Of Jose M F Moura
Sent: Sunday, July 31, 2016 10:43 AM
To: tab-tab16@IEEE.ORG
Subject: Fwd: TAB report

Dear TAB Members
I have not been able yet to get the attached posted on a website as promised in my email of 20 Jun 2016.

Find attached the slides presented at the June 17 TAB session on the Amendment and IEEEin2030 as per Motion 5 approved by TAB.

Best regards,
Jose’ M F Moura
IEEE Vice President Technical Activities

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Subject: TAB report
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2016 19:43:31 -0400
From: Jose M F Moura <moura@ANDREW.CMU.EDU>
To: tab-tab16@IEEE.ORG

Dear TAB Members
I attach the report requested by motion 5. The slides of the presentation by TABin2030 Chair will be posted shortly.

Best regards,
Jose’ M F Moura
IEEE Vice President Technical Activities

the TAB report is here: v5.open_release_TABin2030_for_TAB-meeting-Jun-2016.

IEEE Technical Activities Board (TAB)

(TAB is one of the Major IEEE Boards, with all of the Society and Council Presidents as well as the ten Division Directors)

The motions passed are as follows:
Motion 1:
Whereas the Constitutional Amendment is incomplete without the accompanying IEEEin2030 structural Bylaw changes,
TAB respectfully requests the BoD withdraw the Constitutional Amendment until it can be coupled with the structural Bylaw changes from IEEEin2030.
TAB respectfully requests that any Bylaw change to implement a new governance structure be given to OUs for impact and risk assessment at least 60 days prior to a BoD vote on the respective Bylaws.
Motion 2:
Whereas the process has been tainted by bias (real or perceived) and by censorship of opposition, and
Whereas Policy 13.7.1.B can place individuals in a position of conflict of interest, and
Whereas these circumstances clearly violate IEEE Policy 13.3.A.2,
TAB respectfully requests BoD withdraw the Constitutional Amendment on the basis of process.
Motion 3:
Whereas member information on the ballot will be limited if ballot statements are censored, and
Whereas presentations of the Constitutional Amendment also include IEEEin2030 material,
In case the Constitutional Amendment is not withdrawn, TAB respectfully requests BoD  overrule the censorship of opposition statements on the ballot and invite opposition speakers at meetings discussing the Constitutional Amendment and Bylaws.
Motion 4:
Whereas election policies and procedures can constrain open discussion, and
Whereas current policy can be interpreted to allow participants to serve in conflicted roles in election and policy oversight,
TAB respectfully requests BoD improve the election policy to better conform to the IEEE Code of Ethics and the open democratic spirit of the IEEE as embodied in Policy 13.3.A.2.
====  The Board of Directors Response to these was:

“Find below a statement prepared essentially by corporate staff and legal (slightly edited by me as indicated) to be forwarded to TAB.

[The VP TAB] submitted four motions for consideration by the BoD that were similar in spirit to the first four resolutions approved by TAB on Friday. After reviewing the timeline for submitting the ballot to the members, the Board discussed the legal, governance and IEEE policy considerations necessary for responsible deliberations. The Board also received presentations on the role of the IEEE Major Boards as Committees of the Corporation implementing programs of IEEE, and received an explanation of the workings of the IEEE Election Oversight Committee, a committee that has been operating for several years. It was decided that the two TAB resolutions relating to the withdrawal of the Constitutional Amendment would be treated as one resolution.

After deliberations, the BoD did not approve the motion to rescind the Constitutional Amendment, nor did they approve the motion to allow the opposition statements to go forward as originally written. The Board did, however, resolve to contact the two submitters who had originally rejected the edits to their opposition statements to see if they would like to reconsider submitting. The BoD also resolved that IEEE election policies be reviewed and revised to allow them to be more consistent with a) the IEEE Code of Ethics and b) the open democratic spirit of the IEEE as embodied in Policy 13.3.A.2. [The Board was] informed by the Chair [of] the Election Oversight Committee that they had already decided to do so for the next election cycle. [The VP TAB] withdrew [his] motion regarding access to meetings based on the Board discussion on the problems of implementation and monitoring.”

Jose’ M F Moura
IEEE Vice President Technical Activities